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“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your body.”

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10/28/19 With th Seasons changing, dry skin can sometimes be inescapable. I love using my Royal Soufflé from @beeroyalty13 to keep my skin healthy and moisturized. Stays on all day and does wonders! Be sure to get yours and a Loved One some Shea Butter goodness at - Kalayah Bey

8/23/17  These products are amazing! The world needs this... - Nate

6/4/17  These products are pure gold, royal treatment for your skin, lips and hair. I've been feeling like a Queen! Give them a try and you'll bee like me, an unbelievably satisfied customer! 13Love - Ste Emilie

1/12/17  This Royal Souffle right here has been helping so much in the cold weather, keeping my skin healthy and happy and really keeping that heat in and around the body. - Anahata Unity Dey

1/8/17  I finally received my order my skin was so dry & lips as well All Natural All So Good. - Devorah Bey

12/5/16  When you're ashy but want to become classy... head on over to for that Royal Treatment. - 13Clarity

12/4/16  Best! Accelerates healing process; used on face scrape. - La Royale Armour

12/4/16  We used Cuzzos Royal Soufflé on my Starseeds locs for her retwist and it worked so well! Her hair is so soft and moisturized. - Sophiah

12/4/16  I let my kings sister use some of this before and after she went through labor! Aromatherapy though <3 - Sarahi Dey

11/13/16  I use the Royal Souffle daily cuzzo and we really love et... skin so soft lol Th Ankh Yah for a great product bro - Golden Bey

10/12/16  Brethren this Royal Souffle tho! I can tell this magical mixture is going to have us waaaaarm in these chilly NY streets - Sophiah Yaa Fyah Bey

6/19/16  Hi cuzzo, your products are amazing and they are making my skin glow. I just wanted to say thank you and keep moving forward. 13love to you - Amunrabey

3/28/16  Thanks for a great product! My family and I are enjoying the Royal Souffle. - Anonymous

3/28/16  Wow, what an amazing lotion! - Anonymous

3/15/16  I use it on my legs after I shave, it's so soothing. - Wanakee

3/15/16  I love this product. - Anonymous

3/14/16  Royal Souffle is a great Natural product. - Anonymous

3/10/16  My family has replaced conventional lotion with Royal Souffle. - Anonymous

3/10/16  I absolutely love the Royal Souffle, I will always support. - Danielle

3/10/16  Royal Souffle works, it's the truth. - Anonymous

2/28/16  Love the Bee Royalty Royal Souffle! - Brian Robinson

2/26/16  I absolutely love the Royal Souffle. - Wendy

2/26/16  Gave some of the sample I received from Bee Royalty to my girlfriend and she puts it on everyday, she loves it. - Sean

2/19/16  I love the Royal Souffle, food for the body yum yum. - Tanya

2/18/16  I have purchased a handful of Royal Souffle's and have now substituted this All Natural and organic lotion for the conventional ones. I love me some Royal Souffle! - Essence

2/18/16  I'm not into lotion but when I tried the Royal Souffle, it changed my perception on what works and what doesn't. Keep up the great work! - David

2/18/16  I absolutely love the Royal Souffle, the way it makes my skin soft. - Debbie

2/14/16  The Royal Lip Balm feels good on my lips. - Nardia

2/2/16  Just received my ROYAL SOUFFLE and absolutely love the smell! - Anonymous

2/2/16  I just got mine! Omg thank you thank you thank you!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! Thank u so much for this gift!!!!!! I love what y'all are doing and what y'all stand for!!!! It's amazing!!! U guys rock!!! Peace and Love!!!! - Michelle A. Munson

1/30/16  I am officially a loyal customer. The Souffle is wonderful! - Ade Doyah

1/29/16  Is this stuff you sent the Souffle or Balm? I HAVE TO ORDER! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. - Willonda Ashton

1/26/16  My daughter purchased this lotion from you, I stole it from her. I absolutely love the Royal Souffle. Thanks for an amazing product! We can feel the love. - Christy

1/26/16  I love this product. I had a mark on my skin, put the Royal Souffle on it and it disappeared. - Claudette

1/26/16  My Jamaican mother loves the lotion. - Anonymous

1/24/16  This lotion is good!!!! - Richard

1/24/16  The Royal Souffle is great! - Leslie

1/24/16  The Shea was Kool. A little goes far. I also gave a sample away to a buddy of mine. - Anonymous

1/23/16  I love the Royal Souffle. - Lydia

1/23/16  I love the texture and the way it makes my skin beautiful. - Kerri

1/20/16  I absolutely love the Souffle, it's the only lotion I use on my son now because he has eczema. - Terri

1/19/16  Thank you! I've ordered some recently and love it. It's working wonders on my skin. - Kordia Holmes

1/19/16  I love the way it feels on my skin. - Renee

1/19/16  I absolutely love the Royal Souffle, it's really the best. - Racquel

1/19/16  This thing gud nah man, make my skin shiny and clean brethren. Give Thanks! - Raj Paul

1/19/16  Love the way it feels, I want more but scented though, sweet smell. - Anonymous

1/19/16  Great product backed by Great people. - Anonymous

1/18/16  If you cant eat it don't put into your skin!!! Best organic lotion ever, get yours contact Bee Royalty. - Anonymous

1/12/16  Listen guys I absolutely love this stuff. I just rubbed my baby down from her hair to her toes. Her Daddy touched her arm today and said your skin so soft and I said because it aint that cheap stuff you put on my baby skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. - Anonymous

1/11/16  Used my Shea butter I got from Bee Royalty on my daughter's hair because it was extremely dry and it brought it back to life. - Tamar D.

1/8/16  I was really impressed with the packaging. You all hit the mark. - Carly

1/3/16  I received my Royal Soufflé sample and it feels really good! I will be placing an order soon. - Mishawn Glover

1/3/16  Seriously love the Royal Soufflé one of my favorite natural moisturizers. This Soufflé helped heal some spider bite scars completely rejuvenating the dry dead skin. 13Love - Alef Dey

1/2/16  You guys got a great product. The wife loves it. - Wichardson Gedeon

12/20/15  I would love to have a sample, my mom loves the one you sent her. - Nardia

12/20/15  Love the lavender and peppermint scented ones, love the way it makes my skin soft. - Kellie

12/19/15  I've purchased about 7 or 8 already, lost count but I can see my stretch marks disappearing. - Danielle

12/19/15  I love how it feels on my skin, also the Royal Soufflé has been beneficial in helping my daughter with her eczema thanks to God. - Raymond Francois

12/19/15  I use it everywhere, love the way it makes me feel, especially when I come out the shower. I literally bathe with the Royal Soufflé. - Juana Clerville

12/19/15  I use the Royal Soufflé on my feet every morning and my feet are much softer than before. - Shirley Clements

12/19/15  So far I have been using the product for two weeks on my son. His skin is really starting to clear up and feel smooth like how a baby skin is supposed to feel. Thanks for the fast delivery response as well. - Sharita Lee

12/7/15  I really love it! It is very smooth and exactly what I was looking for in a Shea butter! - Patricia Morgan

12/7/15  I love this Shea butter it has my skin and my daughter's skin feeling awesome. I love this product. - Tamar Davis

11/3/15  Loving the new product, I feel golden and very warm. Idk what secret ingredient you put in there but everyone has been giving me compliments today on my skin, I know I look good haha. I will deff be buying more - Ameli Bey

10/28/15  This feels really good on my skin! - Anonymous

10/13/15  This is all I use on my son, nothing else! Thanks for a great product! - Gregory P.

7/14/15  I love this stuff!! I haven’t used anything else (cocoa butter/vasoline) since I been using this. and I use it everywhere....feet, legs, lips, face - Anonymous

6/18/15  Thank you again for the Royal Soufflé! I really appreciate it! Did you do something different with the Soufflé? It feels so nice on my skin - Erin Flannigan

5/8/15  I like it just as I liked the other one and keep up the good customer service, it will go a long way - Teria James

5/7/15  13Love and 13Ras spect to @beeroyalty13 for uplifting my day yesterday while I was gardening! I appreciate the fast shipments!!! Y'all energy refreshing like bee pollen from the 80's, lol, mean it!!! 13Love - Papoose

5/1/15  Everything is good. Loving it! - Carita Monroe

4/28/15  It's great. I've been using it every day! - Mariah Eyob

4/22/15  You guys have a great movement going on, much support! As for the Soufflé, it has me feeling like butter lol. Peace & Blessings to you and yours. - Shedria Presley

4/20/15  My wife confiscated it. LOL. She loves it. It's been working great. I use it on my face and body when I get done showering. - Kennith Snyder

4/19/15  Big s/o to my cousins working for the people, just ordered two "royal golden Soufflé" check their websites out for their newest collections. - Davidson Pierre

4/19/15  Loving my gift bag from #BeeRoyalty it's amazing I have been using Royal Soufflé for a week and love it, it's 100% natural and my feet look like somebody else's lol they are so soft!!! Make sure y'all check them out. - Reese Miller 4/13/15  Both of you are amazing! I loved my lotion and I can tell that it's Shea butter but it feels a lot better. I will continue recommending it to others! Not only did it feel good to my skin, it felt good knowing I was supporting such phenomenal men of color. Thanks for an amazing product! - Jameelah Malik-Carr
4/10/15  I am enjoying the royal Soufflé beautifully! - Wanda Young

4/10/15  It's doing a body good. I keep it here, use it daily. I may get some for my mom mother's day gift - Essence Alford

4/9/15  awwweee thanks for keeping my family and I moisturized. we love you back! - Erin Melvin

4/9/15  It is loving me well, thanks! I love it too!!!! - Aisha Smith

4/6/15  It feels amazing! - Tamara Moran

4/2/15  I love the consistency, it's perfect. I love how it feels on my skin. Most importantly it's not too oily. You guys did a great job. Proud of you both. - Naomi Brock

3/30/15  I really like the message that you and your brother are delivering on your website. The site is nice. The best to you and your brother. - Butch

3/11/15  The Souffle is great! You are on your way to higher ground!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! - Shavon

2/27/15 I am enjoying. I don't have to use much at all and it lasts pretty much all day  - Gwen Kincey 

2/27/15  I am enjoying it!!! Your product makes my skin so very very soft.   - Danielle

2/27/15  Yeah it's really AWESOME, I use it every night before I go to sleep!  - Kemi Shotomide

2/17/15  Loving the product, I will be using this batch for a very long time. Thanks again!  - Angela Brown

 2/12/15  LOVE IT!!! It is great. I took a shower last night before I went to bed and used it after and my skin felt soooo good and soft this morning - very happy with it!!!!! thank you!  - Jennifer Hammerman

2/12/15  I enjoyed the package, still using the lotion everyday and on my daughter, she has really dry skin and I want her to grow up and be beautiful  and yes it has us glowing! - Catrice McWhorter

2/11/15  I am loving my shea butter and the fragrance. It's working great, especially the cream that I use on my face...I love it!  - Velma Sutton

2/11/15  I love it, it's amazing! I use it on my skin and hair, my skin is so soft and my hair feels stronger so thank you - Rose Fetiere
2/9/15  I liked it, I like that it was natural, did not have a scent, and it was very moisturizing! and I think it's amazing that you and your brother made it! - Maria Perfetti
2/8/15  The Royal Lotion is great indeed! I can't wait to have that glow I saw on you!!! - Irene Brown

2/5/15  Love it! I like the feel of it. Y'all did a great job. I'll try on my daughter. She has eczema that flares up from time to time. - Latoya Wilson