Balance - Momo's Story Part (1)


                       “Mind, Body & Soul”

Heaven High and Greetings to YOU, the Reader! I Am Amos-Yah Bey, servant of The Most Highs and member of Thirteen Love Community PRIVATE™. As I was taking care of some business one day, I received word from cuzzo Tariq Moore-Bey to write an article about Balance. Immediately I was ecstatic and said “I am honored to write for your magazine bro”. Then I thought, “I’ve written other types of documents throughout life but I don’t think I’ve written an ‘article’ before” and so I asked cuzzo if there was any preference on writing styles or details”. He mentioned all he needed was an inspirational article on “Balance” in these times and that et was up to me how I write et out. As we shed old skin, letting go of the old and embarking upon a Nu Ethiopian Year 2012 (2020 G.C.) I am happi and grateful to be walking along side marvelous individuals and personalities in and out of TLC who have made this journey (filled with ups and downs) a remarkable one! Shout out to cuzzo for exemplifying what freedom of speech is all about in his and cuzzos great TLC 13Magazine! Also, he made et easier for me to kind of go with the flow and let Yah.

Have you or anyone you’ve known experienced/experiencing materialism, prosperity, financial problems, vitality, anxiety, creativity, fear, pleasure, isolation, confidence, timidity, humor, chronic fatigue, strong will, low-self esteem, mental clarity, anger, love, heart break, compassion, feeling lonely, truth, lies, dreams, nightmares, awareness, confusion, bliss, over intellectualism, wisdom, lust, joy, division, unity and/or depression just to name a few? If so, this article is for YOU! I would like to share with you a story of a boy named Momo. His experiences of highs and lows throughout life along with those he learned from taught him that Balance in Mind, Body and Soul was the key to Peace and Happiness.

Momo’s Mom and Dad’s Story
Marie and Peter respectively are from an island called Keya where they would unite in great celebration for their Union seven to eight years prior to Momo’s solar return in the west. Before this Union when Momo wasn’t even a thought, Marie and Peter would meet in the most interesting of circumstances. Marie’s parents were of two different tribes. Her mom who had 12 siblings was known as a Keyan from the west and her dad from the Kan tribe in the east. Both tribes are of the same people that were divided over many centuries. Marie was from the North West part of Keya while Peter was from the South West. Both Marie and Peter grew up in ‘poor’ living conditions but made due with what they had. Marie began school at the age of 14 and at this same time gave her life to G-d in servitude for others. She would sing daily while walking many miles to school or to get water/food for her family. She had two brothers and one sister who died at an early age. Marie became the eldest sibling that carried the burden to help support her mom and brothers. Her dad was not available most of the time and later died due to circumstances not well known.

Peter, the third child behind his two sisters had 12 siblings. Many died leaving him the eldest as well. Both of his parents are Keyans that learned many trades, acquired much land, cattle and were well known throughout their community. Peter left home at an early age and grew up quickly through many trials along the way. He learned to be responsible and to fend for his own. While Peter didn’t finish grade school, he was a very intelligent man. He was street smart, learned to do things by observing others than via textbook. Both Marie and Peter’s lives would eventually lead them to one another but first as friends. They knew each other via an associate of theirs, which happened to be one of Peter’s girl friends. Peter at the time was into secular activities, dressing lavishly, very courageous, charismatic and had a way with the women. He was loved by many in his town. His girlfriend at the time was also into worldly activities which later became a problem for Peter as he sought to distance himself from his past. They both had plans to get married soon but these plans were thwarted by a dream Peter had and many events to come. One night as he slept, Peter was shown in a dream that Marie was the one for him. He was very troubled by this dream and told a trusted elder. The elder asked him what he would do and he replied that he couldn’t tell Marie because of his marriage plans. The elder told him never say no to what G-d brings together and go pray about et. Things eventually went south for Peter and his soon to be wife. He was no longer interested in many of his secular ways and wanted to change his life around. Peter loved her but knew due to his change of heart and recent dream he had of Marie they were not meant to last. They later decided et was best not to get married because they were on two separate paths.

One day Peter decided to let Marie know of the dream he had but he would soon think et was probably the wrong idea. Marie laughed and told him that they would never work out because of the many women he was around including the one he was supposed to get married to. She thought that this was not a good look to the rest of her family. Marie was a religious woman who performed her daily activities with grace, care and compassion. She would also palil to ask for guidance and what G-d wanted for her life. Peter patiently waited for Marie through much suffering of the heart, mind and body. He would go days without food and shed tears many nights. He did any and everything to get Marie’s attention but to no avail. Peter soon was cleaning his act and converted to the Christian religion vowing to be a faithful man of G-d and to serve others. Peter was raised in a household where Catholicism was practiced but he chose a different route; a route that would lead him to his future wife. In about a year, Marie had a dream that confirmed what Peter dreamt and was shown that Peter was the one for her. Peter would soon become the happiest man alive once Marie told him of her dream and accepted with a kiss to be his consort. Marie’s mom Anne didn’t like Peter. She thought he was a bum who lacked financial resources and intelligence to be with her precious daughter. One day Marie stood up to her mom and decided she would disobey her but not disobey G-d and that she would follow her heart to be with the man she loved. They would go through a great deal of suffering and unfavorable conditions. The lack of resources and poor implementations of law led to greed, turmoil, poor infrastructure, the lack of unity, etc in the west capital of Keya. They planned to voyage to the west to find a future for them and their progeny and to seek what was coined the “New Land Dream”.

Peter’s Voyage to the New Land
Peter voyaged first to the South City in the New Land via a boat carrying him and many others. He carried just a pair of clothing, not knowing what lied ahead. The voyage was windy, rocky and not very pleasant being that he was sea sick and also because of the vast amount of people that journeyed along in the small boat. Many were ill and the voyage made them throw up whatever was left in their stomach. You could imagine the hunger coupled with singing, palils, hope and whatever faith left that would keep Peter alive. Peter left everything he had back home in Keya including his consort and arrived in the New Land to find work. Marie was depending on him to make et for the sake of their union and that later she would come and join him. Throughout those short years apart they lived a simple life saying palils, singing hymns, writing letters, calling or tape recording messages for one another. They were a spiritually rooted people, filled with great conviction in The Most Highs. Singing and praying gave them hope that the suffering and pain would not endure forever and that one day things would change for the better.
Peter’s Trial & Marie’s Arrival to the New Land
Peter would face yet another trial on his journey in front of a judge and translator. Many were with Peter that arrived on the same boat in court but not many were able to stay. The judge asked Peter what was his reason for being in the South City and as he talked, the translator would translate for him saying “I am here to work and to preach the word of G-d”. Peter was sent home and rescheduled for another court meeting. When Momo was old enough to understand Peter would tell him that the president at the time woke up in the middle of the night to sign his papers allowing him to stay in the “New Land”. This was due to his lack of fear and much faith in G-d. The judge found all guilty except Momo’s father and the rest were deported back to Keya. Momo’s dad relocated to the North City after a year of being with relatives in the South in order to find a better opportunity to make more money. Soon enough Momo’s mom Marie arrived in the North City to join her consort in another festive celebration thanking Yah for their protection along the way and reuniting them once more. Et didn’t take them long to realize that the “New Land Dream” was not what et was exaggerated to be but they would not fret and would stay focused on their purpose to share the gospel, work and later return back home to Keya.

I hope Momo’s parent’s short story gives you an idea of what lies ahead for Momo, his sibling(s), and those related to him. Also, the lessons from his parents and many others that he would later learn from to inhabit balance in his life. You are the sum of your parents, ancestors, and coupled with your own experiences. Momo would learn in great detail later in life what his mom and dad had to go through in order to survive, provide and fulfill their wills to make that journey out of North City (belly of the beast) back to their Home. Walk with me in Momo’s childhood beginnings in the North City where what his family calls ‘Satan’ tries to harm him and his progeny but to the grace of The Most Highs lived to tell the tale.

Momo’s Beginnings and Hospital Dangers
Momo, a fiery soul arrived by way of his mother’s womb in the west via C-Section in the hottest month when the sun was a bit passed ets highest peak. Marie and Peter were 33 and 38 respectively at the time of their second child’s solar return day. Peter now having two children tells G-d “If these children will not serve you, don’t allow them to be born”. Fortunately for Momo and his brother Natu they are still alive and well ‘til this day. Born in a hospital (an unnatural environment not conducive for natural procreation), Momo and Natu were somewhat affected by the bright lights, cold temperature (A/C), unnatural practices, etc. Natu would fall ill with Asthma and had to be left in a hospital incubator with ice all over his body to cool the heat (fever) in an “attempt” to help him recover. They were given many vaccination shots consisting of G-d knows what that would also play a negative effect later causing chicken pox, outbreaks and allergies in their childhood years. Marie and Peter at the time realized the negative effects of what was given to their children so they provided Natural herbal medicine by the suggestion of helpful Keyans that would help Natu recover from Asthma and to also help aid in removing toxins from their fragile bodies.

Marie falls Ill
Marie also fell ill when the children were young and doctors performed about nine operations (surgery) on her. Operations were performed in her throat, tonsils removed, removal of gallbladder, intestines, knees and other parts of her body. They told her she had a heart problem; they called it a heart murmur due to ets irregular beating. Due to further complications they prescribed her medication for those illnesses including high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, etc. From the day she gave birth to Momo, Marie would bear the burden of what was done to her for decades until Momo would come back to help her heal and find relief from her pain and suffering. She would later tell Momo that she died and TMHs brought her back to life because her mission on this earth was not yet complete. She said her voice was the voice of angels but that all changed after her throat operation. Momo knew his Mom’s voice was angelic and soothing because that is all he heard while in her womb.

Peter & Natu’s Fall
Satan would also attack Momo’s dad and brother. One day being near the stairwell at an apartment on the 3rd floor in North City, Natu fell down a flight of about 13 steps. Immediately, Peter jumped down with his shoulder and side shielding Natu from impact. Until this day, Peter bears the burden of that miraculous event. He occasionally feels pain in his hips and shoulders year in and year out to remind him of that terrible day. He also stated that TMHs spared him and his son because he too had a mission yet to be accomplished.

Attacks on Ean
Ean is momo’s eldest brother and Peter’s third son from Keya. He would arrive in the North City a few years after Marie gave birth to her two children. He too would be affected by the enemy’s attacks. One day while working in a bakery store, someone pulled out a gun at him and was able to run off with some money and goods but fortunately Ean’s life was spared. Also, Ean was involved in a terrible accident leaving the car totaled but he made et out safely. Doctors said he would be unable to walk due to illness and little to no movement in his legs. However, years later he would run many miles daily in preparation for the military where he would play an important role in the lives of Momo and Natu. Until this day, despite what he was told he continues to run on a regular basis beating those odds of not being able to walk again. Et is remarkable that he too would have a mission to accomplish.

Momo’s Early Childhood
Momo and Natu’s future were practically planned out by their Mom and Dad in order to keep them from harm, friends, and negativity. They did not want their children to experience the pain and suffering that they endured while in Keya. Also, they weren’t in favor of the western culture in the boroughs of North City where violence, killing, drug using, immoral behaviors and such took place on a regular basis. Marie and Peter gave their children all they needed and more to keep them happi, satisfied and away from danger. One day Peter came home from work and found the young boys in their room playing video games with neighbors. Peter spoke to Marie about the situation and was not happi at all. He told her no one was allowed in the house and the children have each other to play with, they are each others best friends and don’t need anyone else. They were sad and not aware of how the consequences of this event would play out in the future. The Keyan neighbor to say the least was not happi with the way Peter handled the situation and thought that her sons were good enough for her boys to play with. Peter remained firm on his decision and from that day on, no one played with Momo and Natu except for Ubin. Ubin was also Keyan and was Momo and Natu’s good friend growing up. He went to the same school, church, park and stayed in the same building. Momo’s dad would only allow Ubin to befriend them. They learned to be there for one another, would go to singing rehearsals, and loved playing video games like Mario. Ubin was the eldest out of the three. Momo and Natu would always be compared to Ubin when they wouldn’t listen. If Momo and Natu would not go to bed early, Marie would not fail to mention that Ubin is always early to bed. If they would not do their homework Marie would mention that Ubin always does his homework and never gives his parents any trouble. Momo and Natu were annoyed of these tactics to get them to listen but they didn’t care as long as they could play the latest video games with Ubin and his siblings.
Marie and Peter were well known in church and the neighborhood. Everyone knew of Momo and Natu because of their loving parents. Momo’s parents weekly visited the sick after church and prayed for them. Momo was more than likely to fall asleep while in church or where ever else for that matter. He would sleep anywhere except for when it was time to eat or play. Natu was a great help around the house helping Marie with chores. Momo had his lazy moments where doing chores sometimes just wasn’t his thing but he had no choice but to do them with Peter around. While Peter had long days of work and a busy man, he kept his eye on Momo. Momo wouldn’t take things seriously and was always playing around. One day, Momo, Natu, Ubin, Ubin’s siblings and an Elder went outside to play basketball in the trash can. The others were frustrated by Momo because he wouldn’t cooperate with them while playing. As they returned in the building, Peter waited at the door of the apartment as if he knew Momo was up to no good. The other children waited near the elevator and the elder came to Momo’s dad letting him know of what Momo had done. Before Momo could get a word out, all he felt was the palm of his dad’s thick hand strike him across his face. The noise echoed throughout the first floor and you could hear the children say ‘ohhhhhh’ down the hall way. Momo was humiliated and quickly ran in the apartment crying. Fortunately, Momo’s Grandma Nini was there to save the day. She immediately recognized that what Peter did was inappropriate in front of the others and made Peter apologize to Momo. Momo had a way of bringing the worst and the best out in others; this day was coupled with the best of both worlds. Although hurt with pain, Momo accepted his dad’s apology but would never forget that day of humiliation in front of his peers.
Momo would always sit next to his mom to sleep while in church. Peter noticed this trend and would tell Momo when he got home to go to bed, but of course Momo wasn’t sleepy after church. Momo had energy to do everything else but sleep. In other services, Peter would take et up a notch and have Momo sit next to him and would pinch Momo with his fingers if he dared went to sleep. One sunday Natu went to sleep and Peter made him stand the whole service. Momo learned from that example and made sure not to sleep in church ever again, especially near Peter’s reach.

Peter would not allow the boys to eat out, he would call the ‘western fast-food’ “Roaches” because they were not good for the body just like roaches were not suitable in the house. Unfortunately, living in a building in North City one may attempt to be as clean as applying activated charcoal on your teeth but roaches and mouse would find there way from the garbage or other neighbor’s apartments to their kitchen. Momo didn’t like eating frosted flakes in the mooring while competing with ceiling mini roaches jumpin’ in his milk. The roaches obviously were willing to risk everything. One day Momo was running in the house with his brother Natu and as he took another step Natu yelled “you stepped on a mouse!” Momo lifting his feet gently saw the mouse slightly crushed on the floor and was sad that he stepped on et. He didn’t know what to do but Peter took the mouse and flushed et down the toilet. Momo wasn’t fond of killing anything but he learned from his father to set up mouse/roach traps to dispose of them.

Momo would always want to eat out but only got his way when his dad wasn’t around and his mom would let him have some pizza, asian food, keyan patties, etc. Momo was a short ‘chubby boy’ who loved his food growing up. He loved going to asian buffets when possible and eating large plates of food. Et seemed like he could go on and have 4 or 5 plates at a time filled with snow crabs, mussels, shrimp & broccoli, pork fried rice and anything else he could stomach. This also made Momo insecure at an early age because he felt he was fat when looking at his frame in the mirror. The females at school would always tease him for having a big behind. He got used to pulling his shirt or sweaters down or wrapping his sweater around his waste so others wouldn’t see. He did et so much, one day his teacher asked him “ why do you always pull your sweater down when you get up?”. He was so ashamed that someone noticed but didn’t say anything. One day he had an idea! He went to the kitchen and found a pack of ‘diet’ soda. He was told that drinking ‘diet’ sodas had no calories so perhaps this would help him lose weight. He drank every single one in one setting. Little did Momo know, but losing weight wasn’t that simple. One day Momo’s grandma Anne from Keya on his Mom’s side of the family came to visit. He remembers this day like et was yesterday. She brought a bag full of quarters and gave them to Momo and Natu. They were so excited to have all these quarters, they thought they were rich and thought of the many sweets they could buy. Natu and Momo went to the store and bought many sweets. They indulged in cheap mints, caramel, mentos, bazookas, bubbalicious, chiclets, toothpaste gum, bubble tape, smarties, fun dip, laffy taffy, life savers, nerds, gummie bears, now and later, skittles, sour candy, sour pops, twizzlers, chips, comic books, etc. They would fill their mouths with any type of gum and compete to see who can make the biggest bubble which later popped on their faces as they giggled and tried again. Momo also saw this as an opportunity to make money. At an early age Momo had an entrepreneurial spirit! He purchased many bubbalicious gums because all his peers loved them and he would sell them for about fifty cents to a dollar in his classes depending on demand. He had a big heart so he would also give some for free to make others happi. Momo would also face being bullied in his early childhood by other peers. Some would want to take advantage of his generosity and pick on him. This wouldn’t last too long as Momo would fight back with words or his hands if he had to. Momo didn’t win all his battles, but he always was brave to stand up against any threats. He never picked on or troubled anyone unless they troubled him first. This would also be repeated in Momo’s life as he learned what to give his energy to and what to ignore.
Momo enjoyed reading books (comic books, magazines and anything else that he thought was interesting) and breaking things to ‘attempt’ to piece them back together again. Natu loved playing with his toy soldiers and toy cars creating action scenes around the house. They also enjoyed playing marbles together and bouncing balls on walls/ceilings when they were not mimicking cartoons, karate movies and Thursday night smack down (wrestling). They practically begged their father to watch that and he eventually gave in and gave them one hour on school days for Television after homework was done. Momo loved watching Saturday cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Jetsons, Flinstones, Looney tunes w/ bugs bunny, Duck tales, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Animaniacs, etc. Sometimes he would sneak in the back room on school days putting the volume low on the TV to watch Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and movies that he probably wasn’t supposed to be watching. Momo and Natu weren’t allowed to watch TV too long because Peter thought that the television wasn’t good for children and there was nothing to learn from the many channels available. Peter loved watching his sports which included Keyan soccer, basketball and news from back home in Keya. When Marie was busy and Peter was at work, they would pay for a Keyan baby sitter down the street to watch over Momo and Natu. Momo remembers vividly seeing many cats in the back yard; et was like the scene in cat woman. Well, not as quite but you couldn’t stop Momo from exaggerating his stories. Momo was not aware back then of the spiritual importance of cats, but they were protecting the children as a mother would protect her baby. Natu didn’t see et that way, he enjoyed taking opportunities to step on the cats tail and laughing as the cat would scream… poor kitty. Momo and Natu loved laughing; they would come up with different laughs and make each other laugh. Momo would always extend the laugh by farting, burping or making the laugh deeper. One day while at the baby sitter, the children watched an episode from Animaniacs and this episode had Momo and Natu literally crying, they couldn’t stop laughing. The short clip of the animaniacs showed them forming a word or sentence by burping. They would laugh and laugh until the babysitter had enough and turned off the television. She gave the children what was called ‘little carol’ to snack and cool them off. Et was a form of juice (cool-aid, lemon juice or any flavored drink) frozen in small bags and the children would tear the ends to suck on.

Peter made sure to keep Momo and Natu separated from the outside world of North City by keeping them very busy with singing in the choir, going to church, school, and only going to the park with proper supervision of parents or a trusted elder. He and other Keyan families got together and added a weekly service on Friday nights in the same building as another attempt to keep the children safe and in doors. Peter did not want Momo and Natu to go to public schools so he paid for them to go to a Seventh Day Adventist bilingual speaking Private school called Aybron. The children would wear uniforms unlike those who went to Public schools. Momo didn’t like the uniforms; he wanted to wear different clothes like he saw other children wearing. Peter also paid for a Keyan to pick them up from home and to take them to school and back home when school was finished. Peter would always walk his children to the front of the building. The children would always want to walk off alone but Peter took no chances. Peter didn’t want his children to take public transportation because he knew of the violence that took place on those city buses at the time. Marie worked many jobs over the years helping with young children/teenagers, cooking food for families, aiding the elderly, school bus driver assistant and taking regular mandatory classes to continue to work. Peter worked as a Nurse’s Aid and this would be his only job until he would leave to go back home with his wife decades later. Marie and Peter both worked in Jewish funded companies and they were well respected due to their discipline, moral and commitment to doing their tasks. Peter would be called a Rabbi by his supervisor because he had a long beard and would always preach to others while working including his supervisor. Without fail, Peter would bring brochures to work and share how G-d loved them and that his Son Yeshua would soon return. Others were not allowed to have a beard or lengthy hair while working but the supervisor would only allow et for Peter.
At home Peter was like a drill sergeant; he would wake everyone up early in the mooring to pray, sing and preach before school. Momo always had an issue with this because he was so deep in a beautiful sleep his body couldn’t move to jump quick enough to miss the belt that would soon hit him because of his tardiness to family prayers. Natu was always there for his brother trying to wake him up to no avail, knowing that Peter would soon come to wake Momo up. Unfortunately, this was a daily thing. Momo used to kick a lot in his sleep so no one wanted to sleep near him and once he was sleeping it was very difficult to wake him up for one thing Momo enjoyed the most was to get his cat naps. Peter was the disciplinarian; Marie was the compassionate one and together they balanced the household. Momo was practically the ‘black’ sheep of the family due to his “rebel” nature. Momo persistently asked questions about what he learned from bible study and the many contradictions he noticed in the ‘teachings’ of the elders from scripture. He had questions for everything in life and this didn’t sit well with Peter and many others. Many of his early questions included one in particular on whether or not man should grow their hair and when told ‘No’ he would then say “what about Samson” in scripture that had long locs of hair. This went on for a while and the only answers given were other teachings of how it was not honorable for man to have long hair. His other questions were answered with “You can ask G-d when you get to heaven.” He sought out answers but no one could really give him the answers that he was searching for. This never sat well with Momo because his confusion only grew as he got older and felt there were no solutions in sight.

Momo was fearless, intelligent and very courageous as a young boy; this came at a price when he sought to do things his own way instead of listening to the guidance of others. If Momo was told not to touch the hot stove, he would dare touch the stove and learn to not touch again after getting burned. He had an energetic and overwhelming nature that only discipline and severity balanced with love and compassion could calm. At a young age he was highly attracted to many girls but only had eyes for one in particular. Her name was Uni and she had a caramel skin complexion. He would see her all the time at church, in his building, at weekly services but never approached her. He wasn’t sure what to say or how she would react. Et seemed the one he liked was near but far from reach and others that liked him, he made himself far from their reach. Momo was focused on learning and stayed busy with the activities his mom and dad set up for him that he never really had the time for girls. Also, due to his religious upbringing and his fixed determination of not indulging in sexual immorality, he would defer to other worldly pleasures. Will there be a change of mind down the road for Momo or will he remain firm despite the many temptations he would have to face? Stay tuned to see what Momo is up to as he approaches the age of 13. Things will unfold rapidly and his influence on others will set the course for what he would become.

Momo’s Pre-Teen Years
By the age of 12 Momo excelled in all his classes, always made the honor roll, and teachers praised his efforts and acumen. However, Momo would also face desires of lust, arrogance, impatience, anger, etc. Momo was told by his teachers of his overwhelming nature and how he would damage televisions and break items… costly items. Teachers had a love-hate relationship with Momo; one moment Momo is making everyone laugh and the next moment he is being a bad boy playing with a whoopi cushion in class. He would show off his toughness as a self-defense mechanism on the exterior and dare anyone to oppose him at school but in the same breath on the interior he was just a shy lion cub that needed answers to his imbalance state of being. Peter allowed the teachers at Aybron to discipline Momo and Natu if they did anything wrong. There was no hiding for Momo and Natu for Peter knew that et took a village to raise his children. Best believe if they got in trouble at school or anywhere else, they were gonna get et at home as well. Peter didn’t play that!
Orba Helps Momo w/ Science Project
Momo received help from Orba (Ean’s consort) with an amazing science project that would land Momo to the Science Fair Conference where the most prestigious awards were given out to those who had the best science projects. Orba helped Momo make a women’s reproductive system out of play dough. This play dough came in many different colors displaying the fallopian tube, ovaries, uterus, etc and red food coloring was used to demonstrate a woman’s monthly cycle. Teachers were wowed that Momo not only made this project but also demonstrated the female’s reproductive system in such a fashion. They were so impressed they gave Momo a gold medal for the science fair; all thanks to Orba.

Momo Fears/Loves Peter
Momo loved his dad but didn’t like the way he sometimes treated his Mom. Peter never harmed or laid hands on Marie but when angered his voice was felt and heard throughout the apartment. At the new apartment on Royal Way, Peter’s voice would send shivers to everyone’s core and everyone remained silent. Marie at times would try to talk him out of his anger towards her and/or the children and she would get yelled at; sometimes she would save the children from being disciplined but not always. You would hear Peter in the background stating “this is for there own good!” and how she shouldn’t get in his way in front of the children. Momo was raised in a Christian household and Keyans like many parts of the world felt that the man played a role above the woman and not as equals, or at least that’s what et appeared to be for Momo. Knowing that scripture showed both woman and man with their proper roles and as equals; this would have Momo confused as to what he experienced and would further lead him to many more personal experiences down the road to find his answers. Momo feared his dad growing up due to his approach in disciplining him. His fiery eyes alone would tell a story without him opening his mouth. Momo knew just what his dad meant when he would look into those fiery eyes. This meant to stop whatever he was doing and to go sit down somewhere. He never liked the fact nor understood why he couldn’t have friends and he couldn’t be free to do what he wanted but he knew that his dad loved him. Peter would tell him how much he loved him after every disciplinary action and how much he wanted him to be better. Peter sacrificed his life for his children, doing all he could and more to protect and keep them out of harms way. Also, Marie would reiterate the fact with kisses and hugs after every disciplinary action and wiping away Momo’s tears. She knew he needed et the most because he would get in trouble the most. Momo would get so used to being disciplined that this too became a game for him. He would sometimes try to get as many licks on his hands with boldness as if et didn’t hurt. When Momo would do this either at school or in front of Peter et only made things worse as this opened the door to receiving licks anywhere else on his body. Marie only used the belt once on Momo because Momo would break items in the house due to being a knuckle head but she would never use it again after making him cry. She would resort to other methods such as putting Momo in the corner of the wall or not allowing him to play his games or watch tv.

Momo’s Love for Basketball
Another thing that kept momo busy and was a great workout was playing basketball. He and his brother would play basketball anywhere and if there wasn’t a hoop they would get a trash can to play in. Michael Jordan was a favorite of the household at the time and seeing him perform inspired Momo to play. He would dream of one day dunking the ball just as he did. At school, there wasn’t a gym available so those who wanted to play basketball would cut out the bottom of milk crates and tie the crate to a pole and they would play all day and imagine this was the real thing, at least until recess was over. At recess they would also enjoy jump rope, hide and go seek, red light green light, dodge ball, racing, play in the dirt, soccer, and even throw rocks to see who could throw et the furthest. Momo also liked to draw and loved tracing anything with pencil and paper such as different handwritings and cartoons. They were never limited to what they could do creatively at school when et came to recess or the classroom. As much as Momo enjoyed playing basketball, there always seemed to be trouble lurking near. One day Momo, his brother Natu, and Ubin went to the park to play basketball with Ubin’s father. While walking, there were other children playing and Momo stared at them. He didn’t mean any harm, but one of them said “what are you looking at?” Momo couldn’t help et and said “I’m looking at you, is there a problem?” Things kind of went down hill from there. While getting kicked and shoved to the ground with his brother Natu and Ubin looking on and doing what they could to help. Momo filled with anger and fear stormed off to the basketball hoop to vent his frustration to anyone that was listening. Momo was not one for taking the blame at a young age, he would find fault in others for not helping instead of seeing what he did that was harmful to himself and those around him. Often in North City, teenagers and young adults would play unfairly and get upset if they lost or anyone stepped on their new sneakers. Momo would learn et was disrespectful to stare at people and et was best to not talk to strangers. Because of this, Momo enjoyed playing in private or with those he knew would play the game to have fun and not hurt others. Momo dreamed of one day going to the NBA and making a lot of money to make sure his parents and loved ones were set for life. One day he realized those dreams would not go as planned. He and his brothers were at a field and they decided to race. They chose the start and finish line and got ready. Ean said “On your mark, get set, go!” Momo was full of excitement and knew he won the race in his head, but et didn’t quite catch up to his physical body. By the time the race began, Momo was screaming in pain because he dislocated his right knee. No one could really understand what happened that day and how Momo dislocated his knee, even himself. He couldn’t walk naturally for some time due to the swelling and pain. Marie and Peter didn’t take Momo to the hospital that day but instead they gave him some healing remedy and placed ice on his right knee to numb the pain. Momo’s right knee was never the same and although he would make it to play Varsity basketball in his latter years, he lost interest in wanting to play for the NBA. Perhaps, this was divine intervention to prevent Momo from following certain paths, for whatever Momo focused on truly he was sure to try his very best to obtain.

Momo’s Dreams, Raging Thoughts and Love for Music
Momo had beautiful dreams growing up. He would dream of breathing while swimming in the ocean like Aqua man; he would find himself flying in the air in the big church he attended with his parents. He also remembers seeing animals like cats and a huge gorilla and how calm they were. Many times he would wake up from dreaming and see what appeared to be a black cat in the room. He wasn’t sure if that was a cat or his brother’s work boots. The only other time he remembered seeing many cats was at a young age when he and his parents visited Keya. However, his nightmares were also there playing his fears over and over of use of profanity, sexual immorality, lust, death, etc. At an early age he felt there was a strong presence of good and bad within him and to try his best to remain calm. There was one thing that kept Momo calm. He loved listening to music; music would help calm his soul and his mind. Momo would have racing thoughts in his head growing up; he never understood why his thoughts were filled with negativity and every year in a particular season why his ears would pop when he swallowed. He knew that many of these thoughts weren’t his so to calm himself he would dance a lot, play loud music, sing, smile, and sometimes laugh for no reason. Momo never mentioned this to his parents or peers; he just learned to carry this burden throughout life. Momo also enjoyed singing praise and worship songs early in the am at school with his classmates and beating on the desk like a bamboo drum. He later joined the drum line playing the snare and performed on Keyan flag-day in front of family and peers. One of momo’s fears and joys were being in front of a lot of people. When comfortable he would perform at the highest level but when nervousness took over he would perform terribly. Let’s just say he was glad that day was over and he could go home and eat something sweet.

Peter was Right
Peter had his reasons for keeping Momo and Natu under his protection and watch. One day as Momo and Natu played in the park outside of their building, there was a female looking for trouble. With a cigarette in her hand she approached Natu to put et in his mouth and told him that Momo told her to do that. As Peter watched from the bathroom window, he saw Natu approaching Momo with the cigarette to put et in his mouth without question. Immediately, he called both of them inside and explained why he did not want them to be around certain people. Peter mentioned that if they were not careful others could influence them against one another. He also told them to be mindful of this, to not allow this to happen again. Momo was grateful for his father’s teachings and would continue to learn as he aged how his father was right from the start. Although Peter didn’t finish grade school his intellect surpassed those who received education in the New Land.

Orba and Ean Gets Married
Orba and Ean loved each other dearly. They would face many trials in their lives but on their wedding day all focus was on having a good time. At least, this is where Momo focused his attention. Momo was excited for the food that would be served, seeing loved ones, and walking the wedding with his ‘crush’ Uni. Not in any particular order. Everyone gathered from Keya, South City, North City and all over the world to be in attendance for this lavish and expensive wedding. The wedding took place at the usually attended Sunday church. This was a Keyan-Speaking baptist church. As many stretched white limos arrived, trumpets received everyone at the large doors and on the inside. Many, full of excitement stood for the bride as she walked down the isle towards the groom. Eyes filled with tears, smiles were on every face and Momo’s stomach was growling louder and louder as they approached the ending to start the reception. They made their vows and their marriage was blissed by the pastor. Everyone made their way to the reception. What a night this would be! Great food, great people of many cultures and Momo got to dance with Uni so he was indeed happi.

Momo Yearns to Get Away

Momo had a tough shell but he also had a big heart and always wanted peace without violence when it came to those around him and around the world. The North City wasn’t favorable for Momo because he thought if et was a good place then he wouldn’t be sheltered as much and he would be free to go anywhere without fear of harm. He didn’t see much of this fear that everyone wanted to keep from him but he always yearned to be someplace where he could be free to express himself and to help others. He yearned to be somewhere away from strict rules, a place where he could be like a bird and fly. As he watched television one day, he noticed a commercial of a young child crying and a single fly flying around him showing devastation nearby. Not knowing if the commercial was true or not, Momo knew he wanted to help that child. His eyes were full of tears for that child and many others that were in the same situation. He wanted to help but he just didn’t know how. Every night Momo would palil for children, homeless and other ill people around the world that he saw on television. Momo struggled with facing the reality that this was how the outside world was. He would soon get his will granted as him and his brother would leave North City for the South.

Momo leaves North City for South Gia
Peter and Marie prayed to G-d asking him for the best decision to make on whether or not their children would attend public high school in the North City. Natu had just graduated from middle school and Momo had just finished the 7th grade with one year left in middle school. However, Peter and Marie knew of the violence and high crime rates in the area. They watched how other good Keyan children and many other nationalities were losing their morals and engaging in drugs, violence, sex and alcohol. They leaned towards allowing Momo and Natu to go with their brother Ean and his consort Orba to a safer place in South Gia where they would be stationed. Ean had recently joined the military and that opened the door for Momo and Natu to travel from North City to South Gia. The children had traveled before to Canan Land to visit their Uncle and relatives. Also, they went to Keya at a young age and many cities near the Northern City Island. However, this move with Ean and Orba to South Gia and over the Atlantis Ocean to the East would have a major impact on Momo’s life. Momo couldn’t have been more excited knowing that he was leaving North City, away from rules of the household, fast paced environment, and an immoral society. This move would change the way Momo viewed the world and his life would never be the same. He really loved South Gia because for one he felt Free. As a child, he felt the people were completely different than up North. Et was as if everything slowed down and everyone was patiently taking care of their obligations. People were more friendly and hospitable in every way. Everyone was concerned about others needs. They would greet each other with Hi or How are you and Yes Sir/Mam or No Sir/Mam were said out of respect for one another. The food was pretty good as well. Momo enjoyed many of his first dishes and what was coined “soul food”. Momo ate grits, corn bread, mash potatoes, mac n cheese, fried chicken, collard greens, okra, etc. This list went on and on and you can rest assure that Momo tried just about everything at least once. He never had a problem with food regardless of where he went. Momo loved Everything! In Momo’s eyes this place was heaven. This warmed his heart and he knew he had found his new home, but his stay here wouldn’t be for too long.

Momo in Middle School
For the first time Momo would start playing football and would begin running for miles at a time at a new Middle School in South Gia called Elson Middle School. This was something new for Momo for he was only used to running around short distances for recess and playing basketball. He had to learn to run for at least five minutes straight. As difficult as et was initially for Momo, he would persevere and run even further beating his best time every time. Many staff at his school thought Momo was from Maka, an island not too far from Keya, due to his fresh Keyan coupled with North City accent. He enjoyed the workout routines with his teammates. He was taller and slimmer, no longer a ‘chubby boy’. He loved being in the sun. He would find himself out in nature more, swimming, playing basketball in a gym or outdoors. Momo enjoyed time with friends and neighbors. Life couldn’t have been better for Momo. People were not perfect in South Gia but to Momo they were better than North City. Momo and his new family would attend a friendly southern church who knew how to welcome their guests. They immediately became part of their family and joined the choir and gave help where needed. This church was amazing because they had activities that suited the children and Ean and Orba would allow Momo and Natu to partake in those activities. Momo would later get baptized in South Gia to dedicate his life in servitude for G-d and others. By doing so he felt his body would be cleansed of all sins in thoughts, words and deeds. He thought he could start fresh again, but this didn’t stop the thoughts and desires from coming. Also, Momo liked the church because he also had a crush on this pretty light skin girl who just happened to be the pastor’s daughter. However, Momo never told her because he wasn’t too sure what he would say to her and how she would react. Momo was free to engage in youth activities like chess, checkers, swimming, games, bowling and basketball just to name a few. Momo also began cutting grass for some funds in the neighborhood. He won many awards and certificates for being the best in these activities. He was highly praised for his accomplishments.

Momo’s ‘Crush’ & Middle School Graduation
He transferred to another school named Inesville Middle School a few months later and really enjoyed this school even more. Momo was the new seed in class so he did experience some jokes here and there towards him but nothing he couldn’t handle. He continued to excel in his classes, having straight A’s and a very high grade point average. His teachers were amazed at not only his intellect but also his morals. Momo was now considered the ‘teachers pet’ in his classes because the teachers praised his efforts to the students and this perhaps is why the jokes commenced. No one liked a ‘teachers pet’ growing up. Momo had a new found ‘crush’ in this school and particularly in one of the classes where he excelled the most. Momo finally got some guts to write his ‘crush’ a note saying he liked her and drew two boxes where she could check yes or no if she liked him. Her name was Leah; let’s just say she was the ‘bad-boy type’. She seemed to be more interested in the knuckle heads than Momo. Momo was sad that his ‘crush’ didn’t feel the same way but Momo would not give up without a fight. To fit in, Momo would begin to sit next to the ‘cool’ guys in class. He sat next to the jokesters and began ‘smoking’ smarties candy as if it were a cigar in the class room. They would rub the smarties together creating dust and gently open the end of the smarties wrap inhaling the smarties dust and blowing et in the air. There was no “puff, puff, pass” going on in this group. Everyone was for themselves. There was a school dance coming up and on the day of this dance, Momo’s favorite and sweetest teacher Ms Culla who was Caucasian gave him a free ticket and pass to go and enjoy himself. She began to cry tears of joy and sadness because she never had a student so well behaved in her classroom and that she would miss Momo once he graduated. She told him to continue to be himself and not follow after the wrong crowd. Leah just happened to walk in the classroom while all this took place and with a smile so big Momo hugged Ms Culla, took the pass and headed on to the dance. Momo graduated Inesville Middle School with Honors and his parents were in attendance. Marie and Peter were very happi to hear of the accolades and achievements of Momo and that he was able to continue to excel in a safer environment.

Although Momo did achieve a great standing in the outside world, he still faced the inner world of his desires. Desires and seeds of gluttony, lust, pride, anger, and impatience were growing along side the seeds of joy, happiness, kindness, peace and humility. He continues to wrestle against his lower self and remembered the teachings of his parents and elders while in the North City. How long could he endure? Would he eventually break? Thanks for still being here with me as I now tell the tale of Momo ‘s teenage years in high school.

Momo’s Teenage Years in High School
Momo and Natu attended Well Institute High School in South Gia for a few months to a year and a half respectively. In that same year a terrible attack took place in the North City. This attack would change everything all around the world and especially for the New Land. Momo at the time was in an outdoor classroom when everyone got the news. The teacher turned on the television and saw the footage of this terrible attack showing airplanes hit buildings and crash in several locations. Security everywhere was on high alert and things in South Gia would never be the same. This attack in the New Land sped up the process in leaving right away to East Erm Country. Momo’s mom and dad were alright but fear spread like wild fire in the North City and abroad. Momo and his progeny got on the airplane and made their way to East Erm Country where Momo would embark upon some of the the best experiences of his life.
Momo’s Arrival across Atlantis Ocean to East Erm Country
Momo loved the food in East Erm Country; he tried the snitchzel (meat dish), bratwurst (german sausage), fried potato slices, fishbrotchen (fish sandwich), sauerkraut and also enjoyed calamari for the first time. The Youth Center in East Erm was great for Momo and Natu where they would both thrive in popularity, sports, and more. They met a lot of new people and friendly faces. The school Momo attended was a mixing bowl of many nationalities. The name of the high school was Burg New Land High School. Many who attended were called ‘military brats’ because they grew up in a military household in different branches. Also, local Ermans would attend this school. Momo would take two Erman courses and get A’s in them but if you asked him to speak the language he probably couldn’t. Momo knows a few words in Erman but because he never practiced on a daily basis he would later forget what he learned. The Ermans loved Momo and his progeny; they welcomed them as their own and treated them like Royalty. The peace in this place was unlike any other. The Ermans loved to celebrate and used every occasion to drink beers. There were monthly fests, and carnivals throughout the year and Momo and his progeny would attend to have a good time.
Momo became enrolled in Burg New Land High school and was received very well by his peers and the faculty. When et was Momo’s turn to introduce himself in front of the class, he would tell his peers who he was and that his nickname was ‘Big Moe’ with a big smile. His peers loved et and would laugh as Momo did the same thing for every class he attended. Momo, no longer ‘chubby boy’ had lost the weight he intended to lose since he was young. He was slim but kept the name ‘Big Moe’ because et worked for him and his new friends loved it. Momo and Natu were treated like Royalty and would go on to win Prince and King later on in this article. They became well known by everyone in school, staff and community because of their well manners and their love for others. Momo went to a small church where he and his progeny were among a few families that attended. He played the drums and the pastor made him and his brother junior deacons to start learning the ins and outs of service within the church. Momo’s brother Ean would do bible study during the week in church. Similar questions from the past would always arouse Momo’s curiosities. He didn’t have all the answers but went with flow while there in Erm Country. Ean helped motivate Momo to be the best that he could be by supporting his educational goals, spiritual life and extracurricular activities. As a family, they would go to the park, theme/water parks, swimming, and take trips to bordering countries.

Momo also sang in the choir. One day Orba noticed Momo singing with his eyes closed and saw a bright aura/glow around his head. Ms Iams, also a singer and member of the church would smile when she saw Momo sing. She would say how Momo was a good singer and how he graced her heart. She would always find an opportunity to share positive words with Momo. Momo appreciated her and many others positive influences in his life. Momo didn’t consider himself the best singer but when he sang, he sang with all his heart. Closing his eyes helped him to focus on the song he would perform.

Momo Works Hard & Plays Harder
Momo would go on to perform office clerical work and was a tipped bagger at a grocery store near his house. He would do the clerical work in the summer time and for the upcoming years. Majority of the money he earned was spent on food and sneakers. He lived in the moment, not worrying of the days to come because he always knew he would be taken care of. The most important thing at the time for Momo was looking fresh and clean in his wardrobe and eating good as well. Et sounds like the apple didn’t fall too far from Peter’s tree. The coach bus ride to school was about an hour long. Momo saw children in the North City ride the yellow school bus but he and his brother were never allowed by Peter to ride those. Et was a daily journey to get to school and back but as long as Momo had his cd player playing his gospel songs and r&b tunes, with books to read he was just fine. Momo and Natu would treat everyone good and they hardly had any problems with anyone. This place too was heaven because everyone loved them and everything seemed to be just right. Momo felt like a counselor at times because many people would come to him to talk about their problems or whatever was on their minds. He loved sharing his thoughts and giving positive feedback in return. Many confided in these brothers and they could trust them with their deepest of secrets. They would help relieve many burdens while in East Erm and this was a great achievement for Momo.
Momo continued doing extremely well in his courses. He would begin taking advanced courses such as Advanced Literature and English to prepare for University. He took drama, law, technical and other fun and not so fun courses during the few years at Burg High School. Momo was part of a JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) course where he learned to shoot a rifle (w/o real bullets), shine his shoes, had basic training, wore a green uniform w/ head gear and jacket that was decorated with many pins showing his achievements and accomplishments. Momo also had physicals in this class where he would be one of the top cadets in the mile run, cadence performance, rifle performance, flexibility, etc. Momo hardly took anything serious even when others looked to him for answers. He demonstrated in many ways with flare and a big smile that life was not to be taken too seriously and to have loads of fun along the way. He performed community service and learned leadership qualities among many other things learned in the military. He constantly smiled through everything and his smile was so contagious bringing cheer to everyone around him. Et brought happiness to Momo’s heart seeing others happi and to know that he was a reason for that happiness.

Orba’s Idea Helps Momo
The JROTC ball was coming soon and Momo’s class needed an idea to compete against the other platoons (classes). Momo mentioned this to his sister-in-law Orba and she gave him a great idea. She helped him put together lyrics that made Momo sound like ‘Big Daddy Kane’ and LL Cool J on their best days. Orba grew up listening to ol’ school hip hop and she herself loved to rhyme. She was like a Queen Latifah type in her rhymes. Momo was in great hands once again in delivering this great idea to his JROTC class. The lyrics with the cadences were taught by Momo and with much practice everyone would be ready to perform at the ball. At the JROTC ball, et was time to put in action what Momo and his JROTC peers had practiced. Bravo was the name of Momo’s platoon/class. The dj called everyone to the dance floor and as everyone aligned, they began to sound off at the leadership of Momo and other peers. They sounded crisp, moved in unison, and the flow of harmony was remarkable with this group. Everyone loved et, even the other platoons! Momo and his peers would go on to win the award for best platoon performance. That night was a great one as Momo and all his associates danced the night away.

Ladies love Momo
Momo dated a female named Vril whom he met in Track & Field. She was a great track runner. She was the only female he dated for a short period of time while in East Erm Country for about three and a half years. Momo and Vril were two fiery spirits that butt head at times but he appreciated her for being honest and speaking her mind. A pretty light skin girl by the name of Lette who attended JROTC class with Momo wasn’t too impressed with Vril because of her hot-temper and unpleasant encounters with her. Orba would also feel the same way but that didn’t stop Momo from seeing her heart and not her appearance. They would only date for a short period time but would remain friends until University. Lette, whose family was from the Kan tribe of Keya was very fond of Momo. She loved him for his intellect, humor and bravery. She too was from North City. She had a Kan accent but when she got mad the North City accent would come out. She had a pretty smile w/ dimples, short, genuine and caring. She got to know Orba very well and always made sure to be noticed by Momo in the hallways and after school before Track & Field practice. Momo enjoyed her company but unfortunately, Momo at the time was not interested. He had just got out of a relationship and Lette had dated a friend of his from church so he wasn’t too sure if dating her would be a great idea. Momo always put others feelings before his when he made his decisions; sometimes this brought him pain and would also make others sad. Lette wasn’t too happi with Momo’s decision of not wanting to be with her. She told Momo et was people like Vril that made et difficult for a female such as herself to get with a good man. She told Momo to never get with ‘hood rats’ and to not allow any female to break his heart. Lette would continue to talk to Orba of her feelings for Momo but Momo stood firm on his decision. Lette and Momo would go on to have a great friendship for the remainder of their high school years and cared deeply for one another.
Momo enjoyed flirting and talking to females as much as they enjoyed his company. Momo steered away from the loud, obnoxious, and too ‘out there’ females but he would later experience that and many more great qualities from relationships along the way. Due to Momo’s high energy, aptitude, and popularity et would seem to many that he was ‘getting the honeys’ but in reality he just loved their friendship. Many females didn’t believe that Momo was a virgin and tried in many ways to seduce him but he was firm with a smile rejecting their advances. Momo was not without flaws, but he was determined to keep his word in waiting until marriage before he got involved sexually with a female.

Momo’s Popularity Grows
Momo was voted best dressed, best all around, best smile and most likely to succeed among his peers and without asking or campaigning for votes his peers voted for him to win Prince/King. He would win Homecoming/Prom Prince and Homecoming King in his latter years of High School. Homecoming Princess and Prom Queen Meme would also go on to win along his side. They both made a fabulous team in the Royal Court. They would both joke on how they annoyed each other in the past but winning would always bring them together in smiles. In each of Momo’s winnings and dance attendances, he and his date would have the same matching colors from JROTC uniform, yellow suit, white suit, red and white and black and purple. He would also wear hats and shoes to match like his father Peter. Ean was a great support allowing Momo to wear his colorful suits. By his teenage years, Momo started wearing size 12 and 13 shoes. Unlike his brothers, he wasn’t able to share in that department. Momo was stylish and loved to match his outfit with bright colored shoes. He literally had a pair of colorful shoes for every day of the week and many long white tees to go with the outfit. Momo always thought of what he should do when he won the many awards in front of his peers. Should I dance? Should I do something out of the ordinary? These were his questions to self but he just humbly smiled and received the awards handed to him. He enjoyed shining like the sun and bringing love everywhere he went even when he wasn’t winning any awards. One year as he and another male were voted again to the top for Prom King, he would lose but he was more excited for his peer than he was for himself. Momo rushed to hug and celebrated his win.
With much positive attention Momo was given, he would also have some negative attention from the wrong people. Momo had others who would come to him asking for recreational drugs or if he wanted to partake in smoking activities, producing and singing secular music, going to clubs, drinking and sexual advances but Momo denied all attempts. Momo would go on to make Varsity basketball team and also qualify for High Jump, while competing in shot put and discus field events. Due to the chronic pain in the right knee he wasn’t able to run for Track so he performed field events to be able to travel with the team and perform. In his travels with the Track & Field team Momo was able to go skiing, snowboarding and ice skating for the first time all in one day. This was a great accomplishment for Momo even though he fell most of the time. Being able to check those activities off his to do list made him happi and he had an urge to do more exploring and more learning. He also went horse back riding near a barn where they served amazing food. When Momo wasn’t involved in hands on activities, he and other male peers were on stage serenading the student body in their different style of voices at an event hosted by the staff.

Natu Leaves Momo & Returns to North City
Momo’s last year of high school was a bit rough because his brother Natu left East Erm when he graduated to go back to North City with mom and dad. He was sad to be away from Momo and so was Momo but they learned to make the best of et. Natu began working, but having experienced being away for a few years he could not quite adjust to North City the way his parents would have hoped. He began to apply to many Universities and would later unite with his brother under the best of circumstances.
Ean’s Family & Orba’s Medical Issue
In the time spent in East Erm Country, Ean was busy with work and made time for his family the best he could. He would soon start preparing for wars in the coming years that came as a result of the attacks in the North City and other areas in the New Land. Two precious little girls were born from Orba and Ean while away from North City and a young girl adopted from Keya. There name was Anna, Sky, and the eldest Ella respectively. Orba faced many of her own problems with a great task of making sure everyone’s needs were met while going to school. In doing so, she neglected her own health issues. One day Momo came from school and saw the ambulance come get Orba. She was shaking terribly and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Seeing the white part of her eyes from the top balcony as they rolled the stretcher Momo could only hope that everything would be alright. Orba would make et out alright. She was a fighter and a go-getter; not even a near death experience could keep her down. Momo couldn’t help but think that TMHs had a mission for her yet to be fulfilled.
Momo Stays Busy
When Momo was not working or in school he was exercising every chance he got. He wanted to be the best in everything he did and he wanted to stop those fears that prevented him from being his best. He exercised prior to school, in track & field season, basketball practice and later in the evening. He would constantly go to the gym and specifically work out different body parts to strengthen them. Momo loved Tae Bo with Billy Blanks; he had just about all of Mr. Banks workout dvds. Billy taught Momo to defend himself while doing martial arts just like when he was young on Royal Way mimicking Karate Kid. He would try his best to influence those around him to also work out and maintain a healthy body. Momo ate everything under the sun, he wanted to at least try everything once. However, thanks to his fixation with working out, he had a high metabolism that kept him at an ideal weight. Also, because Momo was a part of Track & Field and the Basketball team he was able to venture out even further across the waters into many different territories that others didn’t get the chance to go.

Momo’s High School Graduation
As the years went by and swiftly came time for Momo’s graduation, many of his peers were filled with happi and sad emotions. Momo’s yearbooks were filled with stories of love, hope, future, and honesty from his associates. Momo was happi to embark upon his new life ahead. Everyone was made to write a quote for the yearbook and Momo decided to write “I just can’t give up now; I’ve come too far from where I started from.” Momo didn’t really plan things out, things kind of just flowed for him and he would think them through with much intensity as the time drew near. He wasn’t sure just yet what he would go to University for but he was ready and he loved math. He was always good with numbers or at least that’s what others told him, even his Math teacher. Mr. Merton told Momo he would do well in Computers or Engineering and so Momo would decide to go for a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering with a minor in mathematics. Prior to Natu and Momo’s graduation, many including Orba didn’t expect them to graduate on time because of their nonchalant ways of doing things. Momo would push things off for a long time and then at the last minute would use all of his energy to finish his homework, studies, plans, etc. Natu also had a way of surprising others even when they thought he wouldn’t do what he set out to achieve. Momo would do well when focused on his studies but when extracurricular activities got involved he would sometimes lose his focus. Momo was a big procrastinator and this would follow him in University and beyond. After sometime in North City Natu got accepted to Irgin University in Irgin City while Momo applied to many Universities including Irgin University. He got accepted to two Universities; one in the Key City and the other in Irgin City. He decided to go to Irgin University because et had a great educational background and a track record of scholarship with a great support system. Also, his brother Natu was the main reason he wanted to go there. When et was time Peter, Marie and Natu arrived in East Erm Country to celebrate Momo’s graduation. Many elders, teachers and others in the community praised Peter and Marie for having done such a great job raising their children. Everyone said their ‘goodbyes’ and ‘seeyalaters’ hoping that they would all meet again some day.
Everything seemed to be going just right for Momo and et seemed that he was at the top of his game and nothing could go wrong. He would have to face his growing fears. He feared performing in front of large crowds while playing basketball. His nerves were unending until he would throw up before every game; after throwing up and getting all the jitters out, Momo would go back to normal. Momo did his very best to be on the Varsity team but wasn’t able to perform at the highest level while on the floor. Many times he would experience what felt like heavy energy in his body and sometimes couldn’t move or function the way he wanted to. He was humiliated in front of his peers, family and teammates that attended to watch him perform. After every game he would find relief knowing he made et through all those staring eyes and thoughts raging through his head. Despite his humiliation, the Varsity basketball team would go on to win the Championship for the first time in decades. Momo would also throw up at times before singing in front of large crowds. His brother Natu knew of his nerve issues and would tell Momo to shake et off. He and others couldn’t understand how Momo played basketball or other activities so well with smaller crowds but when et came to larger crowds he practically froze.
Momo also faced self-hate in many ways. He used hair products filled with harmful chemicals to change the appearance of his hair. He would do et for smoother hair to get his waves dark and shiny; he also put S-curls in his hair. Momo wore contacts, hazel preferably because he thought those looked better than the ones he was given by G-d. Through his teenage years he would continue to wrestle with dreams of lust and eventually would start watching soft porn that later lead to an addiction with masturbation. He was not aware of how to face his fears and go within. He would run from his hears by using outside influences such as dress, popularity, success, money, food, pride, etc to find comfort. Momo didn’t realize this yet but the more he was praised by his peers, the greater the seed of ‘big-headedness’ and pride grew. The more this happened he sought to sing, read scripture, and workout to find peace but this would also cause sadness and pain. He could not run from both extremes, from his highs and lows. Momo knew at an early age that all of these things were vanity as scripture had stated but he wasn’t aware of how to break this cycle. This comfort he yearned for was fading and only temporary peace could be found in exterior satisfactions. Others saw a smiley Momo but et took a lot to stay positive in a flesh that lusted for fleshy things, in a heart that was broken and in a mind full of countless thoughts that needed stillness. I ThAnkh Yah for walking this journey with me as Momo would leave East Erm Country to return to the New Land where what he faced in his teenage years would only magnify in University.


To be continued...

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  • i couldnt stop reading the whole story! a lot of things really hit home. i still am in a lot of ways just like momo failing to balance the extremes, dealing with procrastination and eating a lot as a child. 90% of what momo went through in life i went through. yah made me go back in time to see a lot of things i was running from for a while on this journey. 13Love


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