My locs, to be felt by your hands

Gentle touch, Shea butter'd up

Spiralin' up, not damned 


Yah blissed me with eyes to see your beauty

Your voice can be loud as the raving oceans

At times soft as the summer breeze

In all I am blissed to be thought of by thee


Shea derives from She

How can I be, without thee

Flowin' through up and down motions

The world gon' bee cravin' this ma'at lotion


I can hear you, your essence speaks for you

You enter the room, all eyes on you

It's been a while, I know

Disappeared just so we could grow


I can smell your fragrance,

Frankincense & Myrrh, Oo my favorite 

Every inch of your being butter'd in Shea

Every crevice of your temple made from earth's clay


Tulips, natures bliss

Royal lip balm on your lips

Been waitin' for a moment like this

Long time comin', ets only right that we now kiss


Oh how I miss you

Here to uplift

Oh how Amma blissed you

You are a gift


Woman, I  crave you

Like i crave pistachios

From your crown

All the way down to your toes


Woman, I need you

Like key to a lock

Unlockin' takes two

Pair bonds, yes you Rock!


We Fall, never give up

We Feel, 13love in our cup.





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