Merçi Lamōur

Out of desperation

Finding what to do through inspiration

When that one who carries eggs for many nations

Bled and suffered for this proclamation 

Don't be born unless you serving Yah you Haitian

You a Moor

Moor than what you facin'

Amma is great, sends clarification

Grindin', can't stop won't stop

Movin' to the tic of the toc

Happi for the education

Pain and love, yes the adoration

Kisses and hugs, patiently waitin'

For that spark 

Ignitin' seeds to destroy complacence

Building bridges

Yes lifting nations

Moor blissings, no more curses

Moor hugs, Eff that social distance

Moor Love, No more games

Tru Story, 13love win these races

Merçi Lamōur


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