Oh Well

Fell from Heaven

Went through Hell

Rising back up

Singing Oh well


Past in the past

Yea we moving fast

No food fast

Usain Bolt fast


Time is tickin'

Beybee's kickin'

In mother earth

Laura's hittin'


Tropical storms



Time to Flow


Sa kap fete

Where my Zoe's at

Kote fritai

Where the poisson at

Banana peze, what you say

Plate ready

Time to pray


Hands up now, 

To The Most Highs

Wave them side to side

Now let's ride


Mamacita, Que pa sa

From Ny

Where you at ma



I can get around

El Ninó


To the children

Momo loves you

My Nana, My Juju

Sabali and Roro

Lil cuzzos, yah already know


To the child bearers

All Glory

All Praises

Belong to thee


9 months in the womb

Mama's makin'


Steady Bakin'


Hold fast

Seat belts on

Great times coming

Gotta be strong


Remember those days

You was going through 

When you make it through

Sing, Oh well

El Oh El







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