SHEa is Queen!

"HE is absolutely NOTHING without sHE! In words like woMan, He(r), sHe, feMale, etc etc you will find that all things comes from Th Womb of Big Amma Mama and woman/man together balance everything out. The natural way of how ALL beings were birth should speak volumes from a micro to macro level of our beloved Mothers. I dedicate my first blog to ALL Mothers , especially to my Mother. Without her there is no me. Without the Wombman there is NO us! Let us pay our respects to Th Queens, our Beloved(s), our Empress' and raise our women back on there Throne. "For men cannot rise no higher than Th Queen."

With all that said :D ... You are probably wondering what does the intro have to do with SHE(a) Butter. Well, there is more to it that meets the eye. :) Join me on an adventure with her-stor(y)-cal facts and "mysteries" aka my-story about how "Shea is Queen". Get you a cup of Uprising Tea from Owner Xonali and some of Th Best beesnatural247love Honey from Owner Mama Rivfka to go with your lemon water; stay warm, kick back and enjoy! :)



Shea Butter has been known for thousands of years and used by our ancestors to heal mind, body and soul. The uses and benefits of Shea butter are numerous and with added 13Love, even more so! :)  

Years ago, I made a decision to leave corporate America and embark on a journey of starting my own business. Not as easy as I thought it would be but with a little help along the way I was able to achieve what I wanted with Bee Royalty. I had all kinds of ideas of what I wanted to do but it was a bit much at first lol so I learned to focus on something that would cater to the people and provide healing in mind, body and soul.

Before the website was created, I worked on logo and went through many rough drafts of how everything should be. I was motivated and inspired to not give up but to keep on pushing by my brother. What encouraged me to start my own business was the desire to be an owner, flexible and later leave something for my future generation. I appreciated the many experiences of my past that led me to entrepreneurship and the healing arts of the mind, body and soul. I am thankful for the many opportunities in life; for they aided in building my character. However, my soul was searching for something deeper, something that would free me from the regular scheduled "programs" of our everyday lives.

The years of healing and working on mind, body and soul with healthy food, nature, meditation, exercise etc helped me to think better and know exactly what I wanted in life. I learned that this was great but not enough. Will! The will to keep going when everyone would expect you to give up is probably one of my toughest battles. I could not have made it this far without the help and support of many others along the way such as my Mom and Dad, big brother Nate, Rabbani Mama Khem and Rabbi Ninesun Amaru Bey, all young-stars and Elders cuzzos, especially Th Womb-man. You know who you are. :) True inspiration and motivation comes from the womb, for that is where we all come from. If any of her sons can inspire and motivate us it is only because we have learned these teachings from inside her waters. I give thanks to the women who have supported and given me second chances in life and who trusted me enough to accomplish the goals that I set for myself. The desire to have your own and to support one self and future Queen/ dynasty for me stemmed from wanting to be independent and not having to rely on others. Along my journey I also learned that being part of a like minded community, bartering and supporting one another aids in building a strong foundation of beautiful opportunities in commerce. Mer denotes Moor status and as Merchants we strive to be the head and not the tail. This has always been my dream to be Moor than I could imagine and to lift the curse of my ancestors so we can have better days for our women and children.

Bee Royalty would not be here without the support of the many women and men who love and use our products for their healing purposes. Not to mention, if you are dealing with a case of extreme ashy-ness, I would recommend some of our Royal Souffle Shea butter mix. Sure to be a solution for any ashy problems. :D

Go from Ashy to Classy with

I learned how to make my own products while doing research in mid 20s so that I could control spending habits and also, they were much healthier. I knew exactly what I was putting in there. My journey sparked many times in many ways mentally, physically and spiritually. However, this visit sparked my business state of mind and being Happi with lots of dancing, food and laughter. :) I was invited to a wedding by my Zoe cousin in Miami. I went ahead and brought with me my products that I used for my skin. At the time, there was no set name given for my products until a young Queen gave us the idea to call it Body Butter then another mentioned Souffle. I loved the idea of calling our collection Royal Souffle because Souffle is an egg based dish and oh myy how we love our organic eggs lol... well, that's not quite the reason. I loved the fact that this name had close relations to Food, hence our quote "Food for the body"... I love food! How about you? Thank G-d for the many delicious dishes that satisfy our tummies. Ok, so back to Royal Souffle :) …  all of our ingredients used to make this amazing concoction is edible. Of course, everything in moderation and it may take some getting used to. But, like anything … don't hurt to try. I promise you won't find any eggs in the making of our Royal Souffle Shea butter mixes, unless of course you wanted to customize your order with a side of fried eggs and eggplant bacon lol :D  Although it sounds really good, we do not offer this option on our site. :)

You can use our Shea butter as a cooking oil alternative, add in smoothies, etc. Yes I've tried this and it's quite amazing! Honestly, at first your taste buds may go into shock lol no I am teasing. As stated earlier, if you are using butter and other cooking oils it may take some getting used to but it truly is Amazing! Shea butter is considered "women's gold" for a reason. :) In Africa, many women earn their livelihood by working in the Shea butter industry, giving it the name 'women's gold'. Hence, without the women in Africa I would be out of business lol, mucho thanks to the women and especially our cuzzos in the mother land. 13Love :)


In doing research about our Moor(ish) lineage I knew we came from Royalty; so I added Royal in front of Souffle that would sure to please our Royal customers. In the logo created, I used the colors purple, gold and crown to indicate that. The Bee is the pollinator and without the bee we would not have majority of our fruits and veggies. I loved the idea of be(e)ing like the bee, to spread a buzz of healing and joy to every Royal customer. I wanted to make sure that all our customers were happy with the products they received and that it healed all their senses in touch, smell, sight, etc etc. I wanted to make sure that I was in the Best place  spiritually, mentally, and physically in order to spread that healing to others via nature. Shout out to Amma Mama, you are the greatest!

While in Miami, many of the elder and younger women who were attending this wedding were interested in what I was using on my skin. They noticed my skin was shining and glowing, but I can't take all the credit. I had just gotten out the shower, the sun was shining that day and I just so happened to apply some Souffle on before stepping outside. :) I mentioned to them that in addition to Royal Soufflé shea butter mix, the sun, eating right, and water helps tremendously. Of course there are so many more things I can mention, but this should suffice for this article.

I gave the women there some to use and they loved it! One of the elder woman there said you should definitely sell this because this is great and everyone would love it. She also mentioned how one day I would be famous because of it, I smiled, said thanks but thought nothing of it. If you are thinking of a "famous amos" cookie joke, yes... I've received plenty of those in my lifetime and other ones but I won't mention that for our younger audience lol...  I had many ideas in mind but once she reacted in such a positive way, I thought to myself "yea that sounds great and I would think on it". We enjoyed ourselves at the wedding with dancing, good food, laughter, etc On our way back home, I was motivated even more to get started on my business. Anyone who knows me, know that I can be stubborn but I can also be full of happi energy lol when im ready for action … maybe too much energy at times hehe... but when grounded life is goooodddd... this helped push me into full throttle in creating and packaging the products.

Many times in life, all we need is that one spark to ignite a dormant flame because that truly was what I needed to flame on lol to say the least. Thanks  to my Trinidad and Haitian Zoes cuzzos for your support, appreciate yawl!

At the time, the website was not fully complete so we came up with a plan. I would prepare the products, my bro would sell them at work and we would also occasionally go to a nearby restaurant or set up at an event to sell and market our products. We would also travel to friends of the families household to promote products and business. Later we would embark on a journey to bahamas, haiti, etc to also promote with own brand t-shirts, samples, etc. This was an adventure indeed and definitely one for the books. 

Things went really well with the many products we sold; the Queens loved our Royal Souffle! They supported us tremendously and kept us busy. We were very thankful to be supported by local communities and even our very own TLC 13Love Community. As a small business, it was a joy to be able to break free from doing something on a repetitive basis to now enjoying the control of one's time. 

 There are 5 main ingredients total in my 'food for the body' souffle which also align with the Moor principles such as love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice; they are aloe vera, jojoba oil. coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil. These ingredients with the right dosage form a concoction of healing properties for the mind, body and soul. Business motto is "if you can't eat it, don't put it on your body"... I knew through research that whatever we put on our skin goes directly into our pores affecting our bodies in a positive or negative way. Also, "status is everything" is also another slogan because my business is in association to who I am and what I represent as a Moor. Bee Royalty is tied in with my religion (nature and the heavens) and nationality; the foundation of a people is business, religion, and belonging to a nation of people. 

Getting back to the main topic, SHEa is Queen. Shea butter has been used worldwide by our ancestors, even Cleopatra used this and aloe with many more ingredients as healing properties for the skin. Continue to read in our news blog entitled Shea Butter benefits for skin, hair, and health for more information on why Shea Butter is The Mother of Butters.

Without further ado I would also like to mention some of our wombman Seastars who have their own businesses and cater to the Temple/Body. Make sure to support  Rabbani Mama Khem Owner of TaRoseMry13 for your Palil Shawls,  Magnetic Bracelets, and Moor at … Chieftess Owner of Face of Love, who has remarkable skin products at …   Silmiyah Owner of Silmiyah Ascend-tials with her Amazing hair products at  ....  Melinda Owner of Aromaoilganics with her lovely body wash and lotions at  ...  AJA Owner of AJA Naturals with some of the Best soaps and more at  Mama Sophiah with Righteous clothing Owner of 13Purity Regalia at …. Ambrosia Owner of Amas Nzu 913 wit your healing clay needs at … keep water on stand by :) …. Kalayah Owner of Sacred Stylez with Th Best Naga pants around town!  The best linen pants to dance and be child like in :D …  Leilani with the best of the best bakery goods I know and pretty great at henna too.... Owner  of Sunshine Bakery 13 … … Yamare Owner of Inner Armor 13 for your Tarboosh and linen turban needs! …  Ade Owner of Krown 13 with amazing crown loc jewels for the Queens and Kings! Also check out her Beautiful photos at  …  Luna Owner of Beauty & The Bee Cosmetics All natural hand crafted cosmetics...  …  Sea Auriel Owner of Fruitful Origins... If you are wondering where I shop for my carrier and essential oils, it's here!   … Sea Da'Rae Owner of Mount Meru Minerals with the Best Pure Baking Soda on the planet!   …. Sea Nirah Owner of Almah's 13 with your needs of spice, grains, etc. You can contact her directly for your masseuse needs!  ….  Sea Anne Owner of Anne El Bey Copy Writer... check out her well written and informative articles, proclamation services, and we are so grateful and thankful for her support  in the Community.

Sorry If I missed anyone… bee sure to check out our TLC13Magazine for more stories, arts, and businesses by our beloved cuzzos of All Nationalities around the world...  13Love!

Check out our Chief Clarity at site  .... for recipes, poetry, hymns, donations to our Mothers, moor businesses, etc. 

All thanks and praises to Th Wombman Queens who gave me a place to stay and who supported me tremendously from the very beginning of my journey in Virginia, Georgia, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Haiti, etc. You all know who you are, I appreciate you! Thank you for being that comfort and rock a brother needed... the world needs Moor of you!!!  And thanks likewise to the Kings who supported me along this journey as well. You are appreciated. "Et takes two to tango" they say lol  13Love


Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Moor to come! :)


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